Industry Protection Mask For Industrial Safety

Mold 6111M/6111L
Size M:132*115*47mm L:140*125*52mm
Standard CE FFP1

Industry Protection Mask type:

Size M:132*115*47mm L:140*125*52mm
Standard:CE FFP1

Industry Protection Mask Description:

FFP1 Industry Protection Mask, mold 6111, is suitable for protection against mechanically generated particles down to 1 micron, such as dust and mist. The P1 respirator conforms to European EN149:2001 FFP1 standards. Disposable respirators, or FFP - Filtering Face Piece Masks, are available in three classes P1, P2 and P3 providing differing protection factors (levels). P1 mask is with filtration efficiency at least 90%.

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Q:What are the standards and protective effects of Industry Protection Mask?

A: Meet GB / T32610-2016 protective mask standard.The mask has a three-layer structure, and the middle layer is a meltblown cloth filter layer,which can meet the daily environmental protection use.


Q:Is it in stock? When can I ship it?

A:We sell in stock and ship within 48 hours (individuals less than the region, except for special circumstances).


Q:What is the packaging of the Industry Protection Mask? What size is it? what colour?

A:Masks are packed in boxes of 50, not individually sealed; mask specifications 17.5 * 9.5cm; blue outer layer, white inner layer.


Q:How many layers of masks? What are the materials?

A:Three-tier structure:

Outer non-woven fabric: block large particles, droplets, dust, etc.

Inner non-woven fabric: the inner layer is skin-friendly non-woven fabric, which absorbs exhaled moisture.

Intermediate meltblown cloth: The most important is the meltblown layer in the middle layer, which achieves the effect of electrostatic adsorption and high efficiency filtration.

Available package color box and blister 

Size of normal color box package as follow:







Carton Size





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